One of the strangest sagas of this weird, long election has been that of a Jane Doe who filed a suit against Donald Trump, claiming that he raped her when she was 13 years old. Yesterday, Doe voluntarily dropped her suit.

Doe, who also went by Katie Johnson, alleged that Trump had raped her at a sex party hosted by former Wall Street trader and convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein in 1994. On Wednesday, After Doe/Johnson canceled a press conference with attorney Lisa Bloom, during which she was supposed to detail her allegations against Trump.

In a one-page court filing, Doe/Johnson voluntarily dismissed her lawsuit in federal court yesterday afternoon, putting an end to the story for now. This was Doe/Johnson's second lawsuit against Trump over the sexual assault claims, but the first one was dismissed because it "failed to properly state any specific federal civil rights violations," according to the Daily News.

The Daily Mail spoke to Doe/Johnson and published pictures of her, referring to her as Katie Johnson. In the story, Johnson claims that she came to New York City in 1994 to visit modeling agencies and was recruited to be part of Epstein's underage sex parties. Johnson also claims she didn't know who Trump was until she recognized him on The Apprentice years later.

Earlier in the year, Jezebel explained how the case began making the rounds, and their own attempts to speak with Doe/Johnson. But reporters from the website were turned down by a number of people who claimed to be working with or in contact with Doe/Johnson and ultimately concluded the story was less of a scandal and more a "clumsy" attempt at a smear.