The Orange County woman charged with murdering her fiance during a kayaking trip on the Hudson River last month is being held on $3 million cash bail, but apparently that's not fazing her—she's reportedly "happy and cheerful" in jail, according to the Post.

Angelika Graswald, 35, allegedly killed fiance Vincent Viafore, 46, on April 19th, with prosecutors claiming she admitted to tampering with his kayak, likely so she could benefit from his $250,000 life insurance policy. Viafore's body has still not been found.

Friends and supporters maintain that Graswald couldn't have killed Viafore, but a source told the Post that the Latvian native seems pretty happy behind bars, calling her mental state into question. "She doesn’t look like she’s mourning the death of someone she loved. To me, she’s not well up there [mentally]. She doesn’t look upset at all,” the woman, who has made multiple visits to see a different inmate, told the tabloid.

Though an anonymous source with minimal contact with a defendant isn't anything ironclad, prosecutors say Graswald admitted that after tampering with Viafore's kayak, she "felt good knowing he was going to die"; she also reportedly posted happy pictures and statuses to social media following Viafore's death. The Post's source says Graswald is "always happy and cheerful" during the source's visits.

Graswald's attorney says his client has a poor grasp of English, and was coerced into making her statements. She has been charged with second degree murder.