There's a wolf running amok in Brooklyn! Or, there was a wolf running amok in Brooklyn until quite recently, when someone collared it and brought it to the Animal Care and Control center. S/he looks a little freaked out, and understandably so. Here's what we know so far:

@amysacksnyc tweeted the picture this afternoon, noting "Wolf in a choke collar found last eve by Elton St. Brooklyn @NYCACC shelter waiting 4 help." She added that it was found last night roaming the streets with the collar, which could imply that it was someone's escaped pet.

The AC&CC isn't returning our calls about the little guy or girl, but they do have a history of releasing wild animals back to their natural habitats, so here's to hoping this wolf makes it back to where it belongs.

And if the AC&CC doesn't resolve the issue in a timely manner, we'll subject them to a nonstop feed of the world's catchiest Brooklyn wolf anthem until they do: