There’s a new way to get the latest local news from WNYC and Gothamist throughout the day.

Today we’re launching a local news podcast: NYC NOW. It features the WNYC newscasts you love on the radio, available on-demand and on the go, refreshed throughout the day.

Each weekday, we’ll bring you three timely updates of top stories, breaking news and in-depth coverage: the essential headlines first thing in the morning, a more in-depth listen at lunchtime and a robust (but digestible) recap at the end of the day. When we unveil special investigations and feature-length reports, we’ll share those, too.

You can find the podcast here.

Why NYC NOW? We know you’re busy, and things move fast. Maybe you love the WNYC broadcast but can’t always catch it in real time. Or you rely on Gothamist, but you’re on the move.

NYC NOW is another way for you to get the news you need from the newsroom you trust in an on-demand audio format. As an accompaniment to our radio broadcasts, our web stories on Gothamist and our local/national podcast “Consider This” – or as a stand-alone check-in on the latest local news – NYC NOW brings you news from your neighborhood and city, the metro region and the halls of state government in Albany and Trenton.

It’s a part of our ambitious plan to bring together the vibrant WNYC and Gothamist newsrooms — to make local news available to our audience wherever they look for it, whether it’s on-air, online, or on-demand. At a time when local journalism is under threat, we’ve expanded our beats, increased our weekend coverage, refreshed the Gothamist website and brought even more talented, committed journalists into our venerable newsroom to connect you with the politics, culture and life of the city and region we all love.

It’s clear you’ve noticed. Each month, more of you are coming to this site to stay informed about your community and connect with like-minded listeners and readers.

In the coming weeks and months, we will introduce even more ways for you to connect with our newsroom. We’re revamping our newsletters, adding breaking news alerts, building new website features, experimenting with new radio shows and special reports, setting up shop on NYC streets and offering more live events – broadcasting from around the city and from The Greene Space.

And all of this is made possible through the support of our members.

We hope you’ll give the NYC NOW podcast a listen, wherever you get your podcasts. And please let us know what you think.