The startling news that Sue Simmons will be ending her stint as beloved WNBC anchor this summer—apparently due to her $5 million salary, as well as her rumored unwillingness to be cooperative—is now moving into the "what's next" phase, and attention is on noon and 5 p.m. newscast anchor Shiba Russell. Well, does she do a groundhog impression?

According to the Post, "Russell, considered Simmons’ 'heir apparent,' has a clause in her contract that mandates a $600,000 payday if she’s passed over for the coveted job, sources said." She came over from the Boston NBC affiliate last year, and she told the Daily News about rumors she would one day succeed Simmons, "It's a great compliment. Sue is an icon. She is a legend. I'm a huge fan. I have been for years and I'm looking forward to working with her... I'm not here to replace Sue Simmons. I'm here to be me. I can't predict the future. I do know I'm going to work my tail off, I'm going to tell great stories and if it leads to more opportunities, that would be great."

But the Post's sources claim Russell, a 36-year-old single mom raking in $400,000/year, "is supposedly lobbying hard for the job." But some "industry insiders" don't know if she has what it takes, "A year in New York may not have been enough time to develop the kind of recognition to anchor the flagship newscast. Ask 10 people on the street if they’ve ever heard of Sue Simmons and you’ll probably get 10 people saying yes. Ask 10 people on the street if they’ve ever heard of Shiba Russell and they’ll probably look at you funny."

Another WNBC personality who may be in the running is longtime Today in New York anchor Darlene Rodriguez, but one "insider" suggests, "There’s the possibility they might just let Chuck [Scarborough] do [the 11 p.m. news] by himself."