The Fire Department is continuing to investigate the fire that left a 46-year-old man dead and others injured—not to mention over 130 people displaced—in an apartment building in the Mount Eden section of the Bronx. The Saturday night fire started in the building's lobby, where there was a pile of rubbish. According to the Daily News, witnesses say that teens were seen in the lobby "just screwing around." Some also say the teens were setting pieces of paper on fire.

The fire spread quickly throughout 131 East 169th Street, leaping up a staircase, which prompted residents to flee by fire escape. An elderly woman fell two stories from a fire escape while other residents also jumped some windows. Juan Marte, a barber, was found dead in the stairwell; he apparently had told friends that he never wanted to die in a fire.

The Post adds, "Investigators found several bags of marijuana and grow lamps in the basement, a source said. The blaze remains under investigation by fire marshals."