WCBS 2 spoke to a tow truck driver who decided to chase down a Nissan Maxima driver who apparently hit a pedestrian and left the scene. Peter Dinome said, "The pedestrian was crossing the street. He had the right of way. As I started to chase [the Nissan's driver] he took me down Gun Hill Road. After I got down Gun Hill Road, I swung a u-turn. He took me back onto 95-South, down Pelham Parkway West, through the grass at 80mph. I'm doing 100 down the one way blocks. After that I lost him on Crosby Avenue, I'm coming back to where it happened, and there he comes running a red light. I stopped him there and I dragged him out of the car." Dinome added the driver said, "'I'm sorry,' he started crying and he wouldn't stop crying. I told him, 'did you realize what you just did?' And he goes, 'yeah, I'm sorry.'" The pedestrian, whose name hasn't been released, is in serious condition. The police say witnesses should call the cops and not take matters into their own hands.