Hugo Alejandre, a tourist from Barcelona, was eating lunch with his girlfriend in City Hall Park when a deranged man suddenly attacked him with a hammer without warning. His assailant, dressed in a business suit, struck him repeatedly in the head with the claw of a hammer and fractured his back, while screaming gibberish about President Obama, Bill Clinton, and killing "the n-word."

The alleged assailant, 43-year-old Crown Heights resident John Yoos, reportedly told police he hit Alejandre with the hammer “approximately 10 times," as Alejandre's girlfriend tried to pull him off. According to one witness who shared his story on Reddit, Alejandre is lucky that Yoos is such a weakling:

When I biked into the park from the Bway side; the assault was on. I saw Hammerman strike the European multiple times in the head with a hammer: Clean hits. Then people (some of them in the Europeans' party) mostly tore Hammerman off the guy at which point Hammerman got a few more shots in on him before he (the European) ran away. Again: clean hits. So either the European had super human resilience (not likely after seeing how he ran away bloody, screaming & crying) or Hammerman had the upper body strength of a 12 year old girl (more likely as that guy looked like bit of a wimp pushed to his limit).

The NYPD... great guys... they came walking briskly into the park minutes after the whole ordeal was done. Hammerman had calmly sat back down at the bench and was waiting there, contrary to some dudes advice to "get running man" as "the cops are on they way".

Cops show up (and keep showing up... slowly) then just casually stand around Hammerman looking... slightly confused. Hammerman by now has stood up. Silent. Stoic. Breathing heavily, while everyone and literally their mother (multiple generations of people now. Me included) yell at the cops "Arrest that guy!" "He's the perp" "He did it!" "Aw what the fuck you waitin' for!" etc. Cops just... look around... blankly... at everyone. Hammerman's a statue. I yell a few more dumbass things.

Finally, some tall scraggly haird blond guy runs through the crowd, points at Hammerman and yells "It was him! I saw the whole thing (yadda yadda yadda)!" First cop, after a tense few seconds, gets on his radio and calls it in, then pulls out the cuffs and steps towards Hammerman. One man applauds. Hammerman drops the "Nigger/White House" bit. I say my bit. My bit wins as I'm not in jail. Then I promptly bike off as I've attracted the attention of a few of New York's finest.

After arresting Yoos, police discovered a five-inch steak knife in his jacket pocket. He's being charged with attempted murder, assault and weapons possession. “It’s a complete random act of brutal violence on a total stranger,” Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Alison Altmann told the Daily News. “It was a cold-blooded attack on a defenseless unarmed man. It was a heinous act.”

Alejandre was treated for a fractured spine and lacerations to his chest and head, and released from the hospital. He later checked out of his midtown hotel without taking questions from reporters, and returned to Spain.

Police say Yoos doesn't have much of a criminal record—he was arrested in 2008 in Honolulu for failing to pay a fine—but his Crown Heights neighbors say he has a history of violent, racist outbursts. Neighbor William Olivareis-Blevins tells the Post, “[Monday] morning he was screaming, ‘I’m going to kill those [n-word]." The neighbor also told the tabloid he loaned Yoos a hammer a few months ago, adding, "He kept my hammer; now he hit someone."