2006_03_romonamoore.jpgOne of the most depraved crimes in recent memory is being relived at a murder trial in Brooklyn. Raymondo Jack, witness for the Brooklyn DA, testified to seeing Hunter College student Romona Moore tortured and chained in a Brooklyn basement in 2003. Jack had been visiting his friends Troy Hendrix and Kayson Pearson when they showed him Moore. Hendrix and Pearson had kidnapped the 23 year old as she was walking to a Burger King in East Flatbush, and subjected her to beatings, cuttings, cigarette burns and rape. Though Jack questioned the pair why they did this (and remembering they had smirks on their faces), Jack never told the police, simply leaving the apartment to go to a baby shower. Jack did tell his fiancee and fiancee's uncle, and suspects that the uncle called police, who only found Moore dead, dumped near a an ice cream truck. In a defense tactic, Pearson's lawyer tried to paint Jack as a criminal for not reporting the crime, "Did you understand that what you say you saw at that time was inhuman?"

Pearson and Hendrix's previous trial ended in a mistrial, when they tried to kill one of the defense attorneys and grab control of a court officer's gun.