2007_11_snl.jpgWait a minute, didn't Brian Williams host Saturday NIght Live just two weeks ago, the one where Barack Obama appeared in the opening? Yes, but with the Writers Guild strike still on, Saturday Night Live decided to revisit the recent past, versus dig into old "Best of" clip shows.

The unfortunate thing is that Page Six reports 90% of the SNL production staff was fired "until further notice" because of the strike. Other TV shows' staffs are in jeopardy, but there has been some discussion about late night talk show hosts coming back at some point. Still, some actors aren't sure how the strike will affect their salaries, creating a cause for actors like George Clooney to donate money the Screen Actors Guild.

The Writers Guild East and West have agreed to resume talks with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers on November 26 - and the two sides have agreed to a news blackout. The writers are striking because they would like increases to DVD and new media distribution residuals, in the face of the changing marketplace and greater reliance on non-theatrical distribution for profits. While the AMPTP has tried to win over public sentiment with full-page ads in papers like the NY Times, but the public seems to be siding with the writers.

And here is The Colbert Report's writers' take on the strike:

The writers are going to be picketing at Sony Plaza, between 10AM and 2PM at 56th and Madison, on Tuesday. And the casts of 30 Rock and SNL are doing live performances of the shows at the Upright Citizens' Bridge theater, which raises some interesting legal questions.