An events planner visiting Miami got an assist from a "small army of undercover cops" who helped nab the folks who stole his iPhone and tried to demand a ransom for the 3GS device. According to the Post, Ted Todoroff was "hanging out with pals at the Brass Monkey Bar in the Meatpacking District on Monday night when he forgot his $200 Apple iPhone 3GS." So he texted his phone, and managed to reach the two people who picked it up.

William Wilson, 26, and Jeanette Benitez, 20, allegedly agreed to return the phone to him for $200 at a Midtown Subway shop. However, the NYPD was involved so a cop posing as Todoroff paid the ransom...and then the pair were arrested by six other undercovers. Todoroff was thrilled with the return of his phone and the drama, "I couldn't believe that they took the bait... It was like watching 'CSI: Miami.'" Still, this is not as amazing at the iPhone mugger who emailed his self-portrait.