Last night in St. Louis, the American League won its 13th MLB All Star game in a row, giving the AL team that makes it to the World Series home field advantage. Mariano Rivera closed the game (video); the Daily News reports this is his fourth All Star save, "moving him past Dennis Eckersley for the most in history," leading Rivera's teammate and fellow All Star Derek Jeter to say, "It's just another thing he can put on his Hall of Fame plaque, I guess."

The Post goes on to crow about Rivera, "Rivera is a big part of [the American League's] edge. He has not allowed an earned run in eight career All-Star innings over eight appearances. It's one thing to master opposing teams, it's another to master the best of the best. That's Rivera."

The game started with President Obama throwing the ceremonial pitch—he was given the ball by Cardinals legend Stan "The Man" Musial. Wearing a White Sox jacket (and Mom jeans), Obama lobbed the ball to Cardinals first baseman Albert Pujols. There is much debate about Obama's pitch, which seemed to falter before home plate. See it below: