Former mayoral frontrunner Christine Quinn's been facing some pretty dismal poll numbers just a few days from the Democratic mayoral primary election. So, to help bolster her numbers, the City Council Speaker held a rally outside the historic Stonewall Inn last night, where she pleaded with supporters from the LGBT community to help turn the tides back her way on Tuesday.

Over 200 Quinn fans gathered for the campaign event, which included an appearance by 84-year-old DOMA downfall champion Edie Windsor. Windsor, who endorsed Quinn earlier this year, sung her praises. "What she is is somebody who knows how to get things done," she told the cheering crowd. Quinn took the stage with wife Kim Catullo, and urged the crowd to fight to get her through the primary election and runoff. "We've been attacked over and over by my opponents, and by independent expenditures. And we're right here tonight, on ground where people fought back against things much harder than we have." she said. "Things much harder than the attacks I've taken on my campaign, to send a message that we're moving forward. We're moving forward because no one has handed our community anything."

Quinn also spoke about the recent spate of violent attacks against gay New Yorkers, including the Greenwich Village murder of Mark Carson in May and the recent murder of transgender woman Islan Nettles in Harlem. "we still live in a country, we still live in a city where Mark Carson can be killed just because of who he was. Where Islan Nettles can be killed just because of who she is," Quinn said. "One election won't change that overnight, but one election will be an enormous step forward."

But while Quinn rallied her troops, opponent Bill de Blasio swooped in on her City Council constituents in Chelsea, holding a campaign event that was swarming with cheering supporters. "Obviously, we hoped that it would happen,” a source told the Daily News regarding the high attendance. “But there was no grand plan." A recent Quinnipiac poll had de Blasio soaring above his opponents with 43 percent; Quinn, ostensibly doomed by Bloomberg, fell behind with Bill Thompson with 18 percent of the vote to his 20 percent. But there are still three whole days left for the tides to turn—even the ever-waning Anthony Weiner campaign's got a chance to come from behind!