It’s a common gripe that pretty much everything that gives New York its flavor is being steadily eviscerated and replaced with corporate chains and exclusive amenities for the affluent, but this week has been a doozy. In the past two days, for starters, we’ve seen closures announced for the following joints:

  • The classic, blue collar Donuts Coffee Shop on Fifth Avenue in Park Slope.

  • The beloved unassuming LES coffee & bar oasis that was Lotus Lounge.

  • Two inimitable East Village dive bars, Sophie’s and Mona’s, that were as warm and inviting as they were willing to serve the underage.

And today the rumblings of discontent about the possible closure of the Lower East Side Pathmark are building to a roar. Now, while a Pathmark Supermarket isn’t exactly a charming home-grown New York institution, it is relied on by many on the LES, particularly the old-timers, because it’s the only (non-Asian) affordable supermarket in the area. Located on Cherry Street, the Pathmark seems to be standing in the way of some dope new luxury condos!

Local politicians and area residents are gathering outside the Pathmark at 11am this morning to protest the proposed $250 million sale, which Curbed notes could turn the site into the “world’s biggest flask”. (Wouldn't the world's biggest Irish Car Bomb be a more fitting design?)

It’s unclear whether the luxury condos would incorporate the Pathmark into their floor plan, so today’s rally is mainly pre-emptive, but let’s just say that the words “luxury” and “Pathmark” don’t exactly rhyme.

What local establishments have you recently seen go the way of the dodo?

Photo via bettybl's flickr.