On Monday the New York Blood Center sent out a plea for New Yorkers to donate after Hurricane Irene drained its supply, but things aren't much better today. Rob Purvis, the vice president of the New York Blood Center, said that its supply is now down to two days, whereas it typically keeps a reserve of blood that would last three to five days.

"When you get down to two days, you don’t have the same flexibility," Purvis told City Room. "With a major accident, or some kind of catastrophic event that will really drive up usage." Bloomberg even put out the word, saying, "New Yorkers went above and beyond to help each other during Hurricane Irene this weekend. And now we are asking for donations to potentially save lives." He even backed up those words by donating himself, offering up the richest blue blood available on the market—for free!

If you can help, please visit the Center's website for information about how to donate.