If your basketball player fiance dumps you via email the day before the wedding, why not go out and take pictures with Tyson Beckford? Apparently that's what former Nets dancer Kesha Ni'Cole Nichols did after former Nets (now San Antonio Spurs) player Richard Jefferson basically stiffed her at the altar—the Post reports, "Nichols sported a bright pink party frock as she smiled and posed for pictures last Saturday with her would-be bridesmaids -- and model Tyson Beckford -- in Manhattan, where guests who'd been invited to the nuptials rallied to lift the former New Jersey Nets dancer's spirits." And TerezOwens.com has photographs of Nichols in her pink dress with her bevy of friends and Beckford. And during Nichols' outing, Jefferson, who took his side of the story to the media, was on his way to Europe with fellow NBA player Luke Walton and some other friends.