With more patrons opting to go to museums on their free days or only paying the minimum suggested donation on others, local museums are being thrifty themselves by dipping into their own collections for upcoming shows. WCBS 2 points to the Brooklyn Museum's recent exhibition of Coptic and Pagan sculpture and the MOMA's fall presentation of Claude Monet's water lilies series as shows that draw largely or entirely from the museums' own respective holdings. The Brooklyn Museum recently just raised its rates after recent months have seen an increase in visitors on their free First Saturdays by almost 50% to over 10,000. A spokesman for the Met doesn't think cutbacks will get too dramatic saying, "There's no thought of changing hours, closing galleries, aborting the schedule.'' The president of the Association of Art Museum Directors added, ''Although all nonprofits and profits are struggling, we do have a curious place in this reality.''