After the announcement that a state accounting miscalculation underestimated the revenue the MTA was supposed to receive by a whopping $200 million, which means that the MTA has a shortfall of $343 million, the transit agency is bringing back some Doomsday ideas, like cutting bus and subway service and closing some subway stations overnight!

According to the Daily News, "dozens of bus routes" would be cut as would the W and Z subway lines (as proposed in March); the M could also face cuts. Also four stations (unnamed) would be closed overnight. An MTA board member said, "We're not going to rely on anyone else to do anything for us. We're going to rely on ourselves." That doesn't sound good!

A new plan outlining the cuts could be presented to the MTA board next week. The Straphangers' Campaign thinks the MTA should tap into capital construction money. And State Senator Martin Dilan, who heads the transportation committee, is upset he didn't know about the MTA's deficit sooner. Um, didn't he realize the State Senate's budget deficit plan created that $143 million hole?