In December 2010, while looking for a missing prostitute, police began discovering bodies in the brush off Gilgo State Beach on Long Island. Eventually ten bodies were found in the area—eight women, one toddler and one Asian man—and yet no arrests have been made in the grisly murders. Is inter-government squabbling partially to blame?

There are arguably lots of reasons why Suffolk County investigators have had a difficult time tracking down the so-called Long Island Serial Killer (or killers, there is much debate) including the condition and age of the bodies, the lack of surveillance in the area and the difficulty of getting sex workers and their johns to work with active investigations. But the Post today argues that at least part of the blame can be placed on the local PD not wanting to give up any PR glory to the Feds: "Despite repeated signals by the agency that it was ready and eager to deploy units, Suffolk brass have ignored the FBI in an effort to retain control of the high-profile case, federal sources said."

Since there isn't any clear evidence that the killings fall under the FBI's purview, they've stayed away. That may be changing, however. Apparently "newly appointed Suffolk County Police Commissioner Edward Webber has signaled a willingness to finally involve the FBI in the case." Which is good to hear, because there a number of families out there who want and deserve to know what happened to their lost loved ones.

Meanwhile, in related news, if you are looking for some cheap real estate with creepy history, look no further than the house at 8 The Fairway in Oak Beach—the building where Shannan Gilbert, whose disappearance in May 2010 led to discovery of the Gilgo Beach dumping grounds, was last seen is still up for sale. The 2,400-square-foot, three-bedroom house was was re-listed for $375,000 last month, reduced from $399,999 in September 2011.

More than a year after the first bodies were discovered on the beach, Gilbert's body was found in the woods not far from the the Oak Beach building on the market. Though initial reports said that it appeared Gilbert had drowned, her family tells Newsday that autopsy results have since come back inconclusive.