On Friday, the Coast Guard noticed a hole in the hull of a cruise ship, plus some other deficiencies, during a routine inspection of the Oceanic cruise ship—aka the Peace Boat, a non-profit and NGO which started its journey in Japan. While it was initially believed the ship could be repaired in time to set sail for Venezuela today, the hole (which was letting in about one gallon of water an hour and was temporarily sealed with epoxy) needs further repairs, requiring the boat to go into dry dock in NJ and its passengers to stay in New York for a little bit. Peace Boat volunteer Yuth Hiramatsu told the Daily News, "Everybody's really happy to be stuck in New York. It's a lot like Tokyo. I thought America was supposed to be laid back but not in New York." The 848 passengers will also spend time in Atlantic City; one said, "I'm happy about staying in New York so long as we don't cut anymore ports."