Now, we're no security experts but if we happened to run an NYPD locker room in the East Village where cash, iPads, bulletproof vests and four service guns had mysteriously walked away we would probably install some cameras, or have someone fix the lockers so you couldn't open them with a Fonzie-like pound of the fist. And apparently actual security experts would too...So maybe the NYPD really does need to pay officers to secure their own locker room round the clock?

According to the Post (the NYPD hasn't gotten back to us regarding this story) after guns and cash started going poof at the locker room at the NYPD's Ninth Precinct, the cops did install new locks in the locker room. And, though surveillance cameras are a no-no for privacy reasons—a funny thing for the NYPD to be concerned about—the department did reportedly add a camera outside the door to the locker room. And yet! It is really hard to believe that assigning two patrol cops and one sergeant on "locker-room duty" over three shifts a day, every day, is a good use of anybody's time. Or taxpayer dollars. We'd think that when there are only 180 or so people with access to a room that is frequented by people who are paid to solve crimes, someone could figure out whodunit.

At least nobody is getting paid overtime to sit in a locker room... Yet.