An observant Jewish senior at Mott Hall High School in Harlem is missing her graduation—because the ceremony takes place on the Sabbath. The Post reports that Li Morse, "who is one of just nine white students in the 400-person school and the only Jewish student in her grade," is really upset: "This is one of the most absurd situations in my life. I'm very angry." Morse's mother pleaded with the school's principal, pointing out that even her daughter's classmates made sure the senior class trip didn't conflict with Jewish holidays. But the school held firm, only offering a diploma ceremony at the school library on Friday. Morse's mother said, "She shouldn't have to choose between her religion and her high-school graduation," while the teen, who will attend the College of Staten Island this all, said, "It's my high-school graduation. I went through 12 years of school. It's a big life event, and I wanted to do it, and I can't." The school nor the Department of Education had comment for the Post.