constructionsafety.jpgTomorrow marks the start of Construction Safety Week in New York City, less than a week after Buildings Commissioner Patricia Lancaster resigned her position at the Dept. of Buildings. Lancaster admitted to the City Council that the plans for a 43 story tower in Turtle Bay, Manhattan did not meet zoning regulations but were approved anyway.

When a tower crane collapsed at that building, dozens of people were hurt and 7 people were killed. Lancaster's admission about zoning irregularities could cost the City millions of dollars in pending lawsuits. A community group, The Turtle Bay Association, apparently informed the Dept. of Buildings--in a detailed letter addressed to Lancaster--how the building did not meet neighborhood zoning rules before construction began.

This is the 4th annual Construction Safety Week, the purpose of which is to "advance safe construction practices. From safe concrete operations to how to legalize an illegal conversion, you will find a variety of free programs to choose from." Note that the seminar on crane safety has limited seating, so be sure to RSVP in advance if one wants to attend.