Now that Republican voters have selected Buffalo real estate developer Carl Paladino to represent them against Andrew Cuomo in the general election for NY Governor, it's time to enjoy some of the populist rage and rhetoric from the multi-millionaire. Paladino gave dozens of interviews yesterday after his upset victory over much more moderate and much more boring Rick Lazio. Here's just a sampling of Paladino's past remarks:

  • On hating Manhattan and Brooklyn: "Staten Island and Queens are much the same as like Buffalo. You don’t have traffic jams every red light, all right? Look at the time you have to spend to get around Manhattan. I mean, try to get someplace."
  • On his appeal to angry voters: "We talked about $15 billion in increased taxes and fees over the last two years, and [the state] couldn't find it in their graciousness to lay off one state employee. The people just said, 'Wow!'"
  • On illegal immigrants: He'll send state police to the Big Apple and "every other sanctuary city in the state to pick up illegals and turn them over to the feds."
  • On Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver: He "belongs in Attica."
  • On the Tea Party: "The tea party is a symbol of the massive amount of disaffection of people from every party. Their ranks are thin. But for every one of those tea party people you see, there are 100 more who feel the same way."
  • On Manhattan: "Home to smug, self-important, pampered liberal elitists."
  • On Governor Paterson: "Pathetic.. a wimp."
  • On opposing abortion for victims of rape and incest: "The baby can be adopted."
  • On former Governor Pataki: "A degenerate idiot."
  • On a 2008 incident where he accused a Buffalo schools official of getting the job because he was black: "I go after all of them. I don't care if they're a Dago or a Polack."

A consultant for Cuomo told the NY Times, "The best spokesperson to win votes for Andrew Cuomo is Carl Paladino. Our strategy is to just let him talk."