Tomorrow marks the 12th anniversary of September 11, one of the most horrific dates in U.S. history. But where most people see a time of sober reflection, the shrewd business minds over in Wisconsin see opportunity.

While the public fumed over the Onion's tasteless 9/11 spoof of a man eagerly flying into two Twin Tower sandwiches, Tumbledown Trails Golf Course in Verona, WI, was busy proving that unfortunately, the satire paper was correct in its portrayal of gross American opportunism. To commemorate 9/11, a coupon that ran in the Wisconsin State Journal tells golfers that the club is "offering 9 holes with cart for only $9.11 or 18 holes with cart for only $19.11!" A bargain!

Apparently the deal wasn't met with much enthusiasm, and Tumbledown Trails' Facebook page was promptly flooded with angry comments decrying the coupon. "What other disaster-themed golf outings can we look forward to? Challenger disaster? Fukushima nuclear reactor meltdown? Newtown massacre? Don't keep us in suspense!" wrote one commenter.

Unfortunately for Wisconsinites eagerly anticipating their reasonably-priced round of 9/11 golf, Tumbledown Trails has decided to close its doors altogether tomorrow. An outgoing message on the company's voicemail tells callers that the course is "no longer accepting tee times for Wednesday, 9/11."

"Our attempt to remember the tragedy of that day has been met with negativity, and now even death threats," the dejected voice says. "We ask that you please take a moment to reflect and remember those who were lost that day, as we were trying to do."

Of course, plenty of Tumbledown supporters sniffed at the sensitivity of the coupon's detractors. "This is ridiculous. I have a strong feeling if their name was not Tumbledown, there would be no issue," wrote California resident Tray Tolliver. People need to stop being so defensive about everything."

"September 11th is my birthday! So not everything about it is tragic!" wrote Ann Rickard. "I don't think the people that lost their lives would want everyone to be so unhappy. I would like to see more events to lift people's spirits!"

That's right, mopey heads! Cheer the fuck up! There's golf to be played!