accuwx_snow0315.jpgIf you've been sitting in your soul-sucking cubicle hive all day you may not have noticed that it has been cooling off since this morning. Today would have been a good day to have brought extra layers of clothing to work. Central Park peaked at 67 degrees this morning and is now down to 47. Snow is expected tomorrow. Gothamist is fleeing south if we see Jake Gyllenhaal going into the New York Public Library.

It won't last but a couple of days, but there is going to be a retreat back to winter weather. Rain is expected to start in a few hours. As the cooling continues the rain will change over to sleet and snow late tonight. Temperatures will bottom out around 30 degrees tomorrow morning and they won't rise much during the day. The rain, sleet, freezing rain and possibly 3-7 inches of snow have caused the National Weather Service to issue a Winter Storm Watch for tonight and tomorrow.

Saturday morning looks to be sloppy as well. If we're lucky the storm should be out of here by Saturday afternoon.

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