wxch_snowfcst1221.jpgOn Wednesday, much to our regret, we cavalierly dismissed the Weather Channel's call for a chilly Friday. We much preferred the National Weather Service forecast at the time.

Here's our dilemma: The Weather Channel forecast for Sunday is light rain. The Weather Service forecast, well, let's just say it goes on and on about heavy rain, a possible thunderstorm, minor flooding and heavy winds. Which is more realistic? Gothamist is sticking with the Weather Service, but without the apocalyptic overtones as it looks to us like a fairly big storm is headed our way. In either case Sunday will be the wettest, stormiest day of the next week.

So, today should be cloudy and cool. Tomorrow, should be a typical winter solstice day, cloudy with a high in the lower 40s. Expect Sunday, the first full day of winter to briefly act like the first day of spring as it will warm into the 50s with rain showers likely to be around all day and into the night. Clear, cool air will be around for the first few days of next week. Highs will be around 40 and lows will be in the 20s.

Today's snowfall forecast, we ain't getting any, map from Weather.com.