winter storm watch for Feb 24

Okay, we're officially getting tired of winter. Overall, it's been pretty boring. Yes, we got a whopping 13" in a blizzard last month, and that was nice and all, but in the end, we were outdone by Boston. And now things are relatively quiet. This month has been pretty mild overall with average temps at 44.3 F. -- about 4 degrees above normal.

But winter keeps bugging us, like someone incessantly poking the back of your head. It begins to get warm, and then we get that holiday snow last weekend (5 inches in the city).

Now another pesky kid is kicking at the back of our chair in the form of 3-6 inches for Thursday night.

With just under a month left, we can hear you say, "Quit your bitching and just ride it out." So we will. But not without pointing out that this wishy-washy, middle of the road, lack of commitment, swing both ways, waffling, just-as-annoying-as-reality-tv weather continues into March too.