Welcome to the meteorological roller coaster that is this week, which started off well below zero (if you factored in the wind chill, and I think we all did), is about to rocket up to the 50s, and will then plunge back down to a more seasonable 30-something. Really feels like a sign of something broken, you know?

Or that The Weather is a fickle friend, and it has changed its mind again. Typical!

To reiterate, Thursday is currently projected to bring spring-like highs: According to AccuWeather, today's low 40-temps will climb all the way to 54 degrees by noon tomorrow, as clouds and fog give way to rain. Then, the temperature will turn around, dropping down through the 40s to eventually reach 28-degree lows overnight. Also on deck? 18 mph winds with occasional 30 mph gusts. As such, it will feel colder than these posted temps, but still: 54 to 28 degrees is one hell of a spread.

And then, there's the flash flood watch to contend with. Gird your loins from 6:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, as subway waterfalls may materialize as if by magic, while an anticipated inch or so of rain leaves both ends of rush hour awash in chaos. (Probably, but not definitely—I can make you no guarantees w/r/t weather events on the horizon.)

By the weekend, we will be back in the 30-to-low-20s zone, which feels about right for right now. Because yes, it is January, dammit, and our northerly position means cold weather. I understand that many people will be relieved to see the icy Arctic Blast retreat, but I have bundled myself into four sweaters and as many layers of pants, because it is time for snow. If not now, when??? WHEN?