Woman walking dog in Prospect Park, Brooklyn; AP PhotoThe intense snow falling in our area is all anyone can talk about. News coverage will seize on the "caused so many deaths" aspect of the storm, but in the end, I much prefer this to the terror alerts. The last really big snowstorm was in the Blizzard of 1996 - the word Nor'easter was used a lot. Check out this cool map of the weather. There was another big "Nor'easter" in 1994, I remember it distinctly because it kept snowing and icing and snowing and icing, leaving 5 foot drifts and 3 inches of ice on our driveway. We also had so many snow days senior year that we had to make them up later on. Look at other January storms. An old press release from Governor Pataki about how New York State would respond to a snow storm in 2000, with references to the "New York City Blizzard of 1996." Remember that horrible song "Informer," by the "rapper" Snow, on the album "12 Inches of Snow"? I do, sadly. Find out the latest on the snow from NY1.