2005_02_mayorbwine.jpgMayor Bloomberg admitted that he likes the vino over the weekend. During his weekly radio talk on WABC, Mayor B was asked about Oscar movies, and noting nominated film Sideways, he said, "I had a great time with the Olympians and I probably had one extra glass of red that I didn't need. I'd rather drink the wine than watch a movie about it, but it was nice." News flash: Mayor B can't hold his liquor! But on the upside, Gothamist hears that red wine is good for you. And, as the Politicker points out, the Mayor would rather do lots of stuff instead of answering reporters' questions; the Mayor has done away with the usual end-of-the-year interviews with city journalists but did sit with an interviewer to talk about Eagle Scouts.

And in opponent news, mayoral hopeful Fernando Ferrer criticized Bloomberg's decision to make people pay parking meters on Sundays, calling it disrespectful and saying "There shouldn't be a tax on worshipping." Well, this is a bold move to appeal to the religious voters, especially since Ferrer has been criticized by some church groups for his tacit support of gay marriage (basically, Ferrer blasted Bloomby when the Mayor said the city would appeal ruling to allow gay marriage in NYC). As for parking meters, doesn't this open the floodgates for parking meters to be free on other religious days, for other religions? Will they be free on religious holidays that are during the week? Details, Freddy, details!