There's a deep low pressure system over the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the surrounding atmosphere doesn't like it one bit. Hence the wind as Mother Nature tries to fill in that depression. The cold front trailing off that low passed through the region late this morning and the wind has swung around from a southerly breeze to a westerly one. The dew point has started to fall but the cool air is trailing the front by several hours. As a result look for a high in the lower to mid 80s today.

Windy conditions are going to last clear on through Friday. Expect a mix of clouds and sun tomorrow and almost all sun on Friday. Thursday's high will be around 75 and Friday is likely to be a couple of degrees cooler.

Another sunny day is in store for Saturday and the temperature should rebound to the more seasonable upper 70s. It is too early to say with much confidence but Sunday or Monday could be soggy as the leftover moisture from tropical depression Hermine hooks up with a cold front heading for the East Coast.