If you haven't noticed yet it is windy out there. We've resorted to a discrete use of duct tape to keep our toupee secured. The breezy conditions with gusts up to 40-45 mph will last until late tonight as a low pressure system strengthens as it travels along the St. Lawrence Valley. This morning's warm weather won't last too much longer. Judging by the pressure jump and dew point drop at noon it looks like the cold front that was expected to pass through the city early this afternoon has already done so.

A flat, west-to-east moving jet stream is going to bring a series of cold fronts to the Northeast over the next few days. The next cold front will arrive tomorrow night. Ahead of the front we can expect a cloudy Thursday with an outside chance of showers. Tomorrow's high will be in the mid 50s.

Did you know that tomorrow is the median date of the first freeze in Central Park? The city is going to be late to the freeze party this year as no freezing temperatures are expected until sometime after Thanksgiving. Before then there should be a lot of sun this weekend with highs within a few degrees of 50 and lows hovering just below 40.