If you thought that the crap falling from the Time-Warner Center this weekend was an enraged Thomas Keller throwing fire-ravaged kitchen equipment from Per Se, you were so wrong. Two pieces of sheet metal fell from the 76th floor of the Time-Warner Center yesterday evening, due to the intense winds yesterday. Streets around Columbus Circle were closed until other debris was secured, and the Post says the sheet metal is from business mogul David Martinez's $45 million unfinished apartment.

More winds today, which made Gothamist think of some of the city's windiest places: Anywhere near the water, any of the big north-south or east-west streets (like up Church Street or across 86th Street), so pretty much a lot of the city. Gothamist gets ready for those windy areas by wearing two coats and a ski mask, so we look like a bank robbing Michelin Man. If anyone has more information about wind tunnel/funnel effects that are caused by skyscrapers, please let Gothamist know in comments.