Remember that high school science teacher droning on about nature abhorring a vacuum? They were right and today is proof of it. There's a steep pressure gradient from the cold front the passed around midnight last night and the anticyclone to the west and that's giving us a good 15-20 mph breeze today with occasional gusts to 40 mph possible. In addition to the horizontal wind there's going to be some vertical action as well. A pool of cool air aloft is going to sink and that will push warm air near the surface upwards enough to produce a few clouds. Under those clouds the high will be in the lower 50s.

You may have blinked and missed it but last night's frontal passage brought the first rain of the month. A whopping 0.04 inches was measured in Central Park. With this dry air mass overhead there's no chance of rain this weekend. After a chilly night tonight we should see a sunny Saturday with a near-normal high in the mid 50s. Sunday will start out clear but clouds should build by the end of the day. Look for the temperature to rebound on Sunday to near 60.

Beyond Sunday the forecast details get murky. As high pressure moves away early Monday a series of weak cold fronts will arrive. The best bet is that Monday and Tuesday will be cloudy with a chance of showers. There's no cold air behind these fronts so we're looking at highs in the lower 60s for the start of the week.