If you want evidence that "nature abhors a vaccuum" step outside. The stiff easterly breeze is the atmosphere's attempt to balance out the pressure differences between the high over Nova Scotia and the low that's been slowly moving up the coast. Winds off the Atlantic mean the city will see a raw, rainy day with a high only in the mid 60s. The rain will likely be heavy at times and a tornado watch has been issued for the southern half of New Jersey.

The rain looks like it will last through tomorrow morning. As the slow low moves toward the city it will get picked up by the westerlies and be guided out to sea. Clouds will linger throughout the day but the winds will diminish and Saturday's high will be around 70.

Expect a two-faced Sunday. There may be a shower or two early in the morning but by afternoon the skies should be sunny and warm. Sunday's high will be in the upper 70s. Sunny and warm conditions should last through at least Tuesday. All the while minimal hurricane Fred is dying a slow death in the middle of the Atlantic.