The impressive looking nor'easter dropped more than two inches of rain on Islip and Bridgehampton overnight, much more than the 0.63 inches measured in Central Park. The center of the storm has now moved to the Gulf of Maine and storm itself has become stacked -the axis of low pressure is vertical rather than tilted- and cut off from the main flow of the jet stream. That means that there's still a chance of showers for much of the day as moisture gets twirled around the still-strengthening system. The temperature will only crawl to the upper 50s this afternoon.

The big story now is the wind. Welcome to Aeolian Weekend 2010! Look for winds in the 20-25 mph range, with gusts to 40-45 mph, through late Saturday thanks to the pressure gradient between the departing storm arriving high pressure system. Tomorrow will start off cloudy but the sun should reveal itself sometime in the afternoon. Look for a high in the lower 60s.

Sunday is expected to be a bit calmer and slightly warmer. A barely there cold front should pass through town in the afternoon and sweep away any remaining bits of moisture. Under sunny skies we'll have winds in the 10-15 mph range with higher gusts. Sunday's high could reach the mid 60s.