Though initial reports about a sexual assault in Windsor Terrace last night indicated that the attack was unrelated to other incidents in the area, police now say that it fits the pattern. An unidentified woman was walking to her mother's home just before midnight when she "felt like she was being followed," one police source tells the Daily News. "She turned around and saw a man." She told investigators that after she looked at him, the man put his hand on a car, presumably to pretend that he was a driver getting in his vehicle.

The 20-year-old woman removed her headphones and continued walking, and so did her assailant, who sneaked up behind her and grabbed her breasts with both hands. By this time, she was almost at her mother's home, and her screams brought her mother to the window. The perp ran off before anything worse happened, but a source tells the News, "She got a good look at him and could identify him."

Investigators believe the man is connected to some of the previous 11 assaults, but yesterday NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly also said it was likely there were more than one attacker. Local residents have been on edge for months, and one woman tells NY1, "I walked home again the other night and I called someone on the phone and talked to them the whole way home, just so in case something happened.... I don't know why that would really save you, but it would give you peace of mind." The neighborhood group Safe Slope is also helping to arrange volunteer escorts to walk with women coming home at night.

According to police, the attacker last night is a Hispanic male, about 5-foot-4, wearing a dark tank top and jeans. Here's surveillance video (he doesn't seem to be wearing a tank top to us.)