Around 2 a.m. on Tuesday, Lenny Speregen awoke to the sound of rocks and eggs being thrown at his house in Windsor Terrace; witnesses say the thugs, who escaped, where shouting anti-Semitic slurs. Speregen is a professional diver who recently shared stories about all the weird stuff he's seen in the city's rivers. He tells the Daily News, "This came out of left field. I feel 40% anger and 60% fear. My family lives here." Seriously, WTF, Brooklyn?

This is the second report of an anti-Semitic hate crime in Windsor Terrace in a month, and there have been others in Bay Ridge, Boerum Hill, and Clinton Hill. In September, not far from Speregen's home, someone sprayed "F--- Jews" on a Jewish Center's sign. The day before, someone broke into the Brooklyn Heights First Unitarian Universalist Church, scrawling, racist, homophobic, anti-Arab, and anti-Semitic messages along with "White Power—We Will Be Back." In the other neighborhoods, hundreds of hand-written "Kill Jews" cards have littered the sidewalks .

Speregen says that when he went outside to confront the haters, they ran away, but then they came back when he went to get a brush to clean up the mess. It's unclear exactly what happened then, but it does not appear that he was physically attacked. Police are investigating the incident, and Speregen says, "It surprises me, I wouldn't have suspected it from this neighborhood." Which leads us to believe Speregen's has never tried going in Farrell's.