Gusting 50 mph winds are hammering NYC city today, causing truck-bans and slow-downs on area bridges and wrenching umbrellas from the hands of luckless pedestrians. Down at the South Street Seaport, a giant 55-feet tall lighted Christmas tree was knocked over by the mighty wind around 9 a.m. this morning. Here's video of some tweens shrieking gleefully into the wind over the tree's broken corpse.

No injuries were reported, and workers were at the scene this afternoon to saw off the bottom of the tree where it broke and hoist the remaining part of the tree back up. Done and done! One passerby told DNAinfo, "They should just get a new one. It looks so sad." Obviously, the Seaport needs to dispatch an unpopular bald-headed boy to buy the biggest aluminum tree he can find, maybe one painted pink.

The AP reports that some flights were delayed by up to five hours at LaGuardia airport, with delays up to three hours at JFK. The Statue of Liberty has also been shut down, but as far as we know the freedom-hating wind hasn't knocked her over... yet.