2005_09_wind_tunnel.jpgThanks to this afternoon's passage of a cold front Fall has finally arrived. A week behind schedule but it is here. As the high pressure system behind the front moves in you might notice that it is a bit windy. The Weather Service has issued a special weather statement that says, in part, "persons walking through city streets in between tall buildings will be especially susceptible to high wind gusts." Hold on and stay away from scaffolding! Gusts near the ground will reach 45 m.p.h. Who wants to join Gothamist on the Empire State Building? Hmmm, do they let people up there when it is this windy?

Tonight will be chilly. Temperatures will get down to the lower 50s in the city and possibly into the 30s on eastern Long Island and well north and west of town. The cool blast has pretty much ruined our chances for a record warm September. However, don't fret as we'll be back to slightly above normal by the weekend. And sunny too! Sunday should be great for International Pickle Day on Orchard St.

Wind tunnel photo from the National Institute of Standards and Technology