Willow the cat continued her media tour of adorableness by speaking to additional media outlets after her Today Show appearance yesterday. The feline, who went missing from her Colorado home five years ago only to be dropped off at a Manhattan animal shelter last week (it's believed Willow was chilling in Brooklyn these past years), was reunited with her Colorado humans, thanks to the microchip the Squires family placed in her.

VIa NYPost.com

However, it seems Willow is kind of over the hullabaloo—she nipped at little three-year-old Lola Squires during one press conference, leading the Post to deem her a "Sour Puss." Apparently little Lola was saying, "I’ll feed her, play with her, take good care of her," and then the kitty bit the hand that would feed her.

Jamie Squires, who along with daughter Lola, husband Chris Squires, and other children Shelby, 17, and Jack, 10, were flown to New York by the Today Show, told the Post that the nearly seven-year-old cat was “stressed out" from media rounds. As for Lola's owie finger, she said, "I think her feelings were hurt more than anything." You can see the incident in this video around the 22 second mark:

Willows has been settling in with her family—she was climbing onto various family members' shoulders (they taught her to do this and Willow demonstrated that ability with Anderson Cooper)—and she is the Squireses' inspiration to encourage people to microchip their pets. People, MICROCHIP YOUR PETS—even if your cat remains in your apartment, you never know if kitty will slip out while you're taking her/him to the vet or while someone is catsitting.