The new Willis Avenue Bridge finished its 110-mile journey today, and will soon be replacing the old bridge from 1901 (which connects 1st Avenue at East 124th Street in Harlem to Willis Avenue at East 134th Street in The Bronx). The bridge traveled on two barges, and this morning made its way underneath a number of the city's other bridges—including the Williamsburg, Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges. It will now be tied up to the shoreline of the Harlem River until it's installed on August 9th (it won't be ready for traffic until November). According to WCBS, the removal of the existing span will take place on September 20th.

A reader sent in more photos (which you can see here); he says, "this morning, I'm washing dishes when I hear, 'What's that on the water?' I go to look. Out in the distance, sliding between Governor's Island and Red Hook is a 350-foot long steel bridge." He ended up trailing it on his bike. Did you spot the unusual sight?