One of everyone's two favorite marijuana enthusiasts, Willie Nelson, was arrested early yesterday morning by US Border Patrol officers in Texas on suspicion of marijuana possession...and by suspicion, we mean the 6 ounces of pot found in his trailer. A patrol spokesman said officers smelled marijuana wafting from the vehicle when they stopped it at a checkpoint around 9 a.m. To his credit, the vehicle may just smell like that permanently at this point.

Or maybe he just needs a boost for tackling those delicious Thanksgiving leftovers. Nelson was briefly arrested, but soon let go on a bond. At least we all know we can trust that Willie genuinely loves and supports pot, unlike the notorious Times Square Weed Man. Despite asking for handouts via a hand-made sign reading, “I NEED MONEY FOR WEED!”, for the better part of the last year outside of Planet Hollywood, it turns out that midtown mainstay Joshua Long doesn't actually smoke! If we can't believe a man who says he's panhandling for pot, who can we believe? But Long does claim to put away $200 during a four- or five-hour shift, which he is putting toward a real estate career. So would he not make as much money without the weed-factor? We admit, we would probably rather give money to someone asking for weed than a would-be real estate mogul.