And so continues Williamsburg's sad chainsformation—Kings Pharmacy, an independently-owned drugstore that's been operating on Bedford Avenue for over a decade, is on its way out.

A tipster tells us she was shopping there yesterday, and a cashier told her the pharmacy was set to shutter because the owner is planning to do construction on the space. An employee told us the building's landlord is pushing the 12-year-old store out in a few weeks, and they'll be reopening in Red Hook at a later date.

Kings was a little pricy, but it was also a neighborhood staple, and an antidote to the Duane Reades, Rite Aids and CVSes that over-saturated Manhattan. And of course, the death of Kings is another indication that the Man has Won—a Duane Reade moved across the street from the pharmacy in 2010, winning residents over with their beer growlers, Chase ATMs and 24-hour availability.