“It’s an unparalleled unit in the hottest neighborhood on the planet,” the smiling broker says, leading you through the 3,800 square-foot, $6.5 million Williamsburg loft. No more doorman-delivered Odeon tuna burger. This is Brooklyn. You're the hottest freelance brand manager on the planet. Hike your collar up while you give that McDonald's near the J/M/Z stop a sideways glance. You can't just keep your edge, you have to live it. Wait, how much was that other apartment at The Edge?

Matt Chaban has the details on what would be Brooklyn's most expensive apartment inside the Gretsch Building—you know, the place where Lena Dunham considered living and where Busta Rhymes once lived? The Gretsch?

Real estate pros are skeptical as to whether this whopper is really worth $1,800 per square foot, a price 50% higher than anything else in the building and well above the neighborhood average.

“I guess for the right family moving from Manhattan, it might seem like a bargain,” appraiser Jonathan Miller said. “But compared to everything else in the neighborhood, it’s a lot to ask.”

One of the six bedrooms was turned into a massive walk-in closet, perfect for Burg fashionistas. Each of six bathrooms features a different treatment of floor-to-ceiling mosaic and marble. Original columns from the former guitar factory give the space its distinctively lofty feel.

Families? Families don't craft tweets for Oreo.

"There’s nothing else like it, in terms of size and views," the agent says, handing you a pen made from Thoreau's jaw bone. “It’s almost like the city is sitting in the palm of your hand."