Early Friday morning, a 29-year-old woman fell to her death from a building in Williamsburg after she attempted to climb into her boyfriend's apartment via a kitchen window. "I climbed out there and held her while she was fading," Alex Douglas, 42, told the Daily News about comforting his girlfriend Hannah Shaw after the fall. "I’m exhausted. I can’t sleep. It’s been horrible."

Douglas and Shaw, who have been dating for a year and a half, got into a fight Thursday night while out at Lucky Dog. Douglas said Shaw told him she was going back to her place on S. 4th Street: "She ended up not going home. I ran into her on the street outside my place with some other guy," said Douglas. "I did invite her in — and then told her to leave. I told her not to come over."

Police say Shaw, who was drunk at the time, went to the roof and attempted to climb down into the apartment through the kitchen window by holding onto a set of hanging cable wires for support. She fell and landed on a roof three floors below his fourth-floor apartment; Douglas had to crawl through a neighbor's window to get to her. She was rushed to Woodhull Hospital around 4:40 a.m., where she was declared dead.

Police say no criminality is suspected, but the investigation is ongoing.

Shaw, an aspiring fashion designer who designed her own jewelry, had launched Hannah Shaw Designs after she moved to NYC in 2007, and recently worked for landscaping company Jungle Design NYC. "This is just a really tragic accident. She was a lovely roommate. She was always happy and so kind and caring so much,” Ada Vesti, a Swedish book publisher who lived with Shaw and another woman, told the Post.

Her mother, Jane Tawney, told DNAInfo that she last talked to her daughter a week ago, and their last words exchanged together were, "I love you." "Never, never forget to say that," she added.