2006_07_watertaxi.jpgIn the latest sign that Williamsburg is no longer an "up and coming" neighborhood, New York Water Taxi announced yesterday that, starting Monday, July 17th, they are adding service from the one-time hipster haven to Wall Street. Gone are the days of greasy hair, now is the time for those in the finance industry. Well, maybe not. The Williamsburg stop on the ferry's route will be at Schaefer Landing on South 10th Street and run to East 34th Street and Pier 11 near Wall Street. If you were wondering who the target market is, the weekday schedule will tell you - it only runs on business days that the NYSE is open. There will also be weekend service to some of New York Water Taxi's other locations.

The one way tickets are more expensive than a ride on the subway, but when you're living in Schaefer Landing, price is clearly no object. Besides, the L train barely runs and when it does, it's always packed. And who wants to spend time with all those people commuting from outer Brooklyn or those dirty hipsters. Now, maybe future Masters of the Universe can read their Wall Strete Journal during an uninterrupted ride to Wall Street.