Back in July, not only did the MTA make the G train extension permanent but they also announced that they'd be bringing some new bus routes to town, including one between Williamsburg and Long Island City. And now we know a bit more about that upcoming waterfront route!

DNAinfo got its paws on an MTA presentation about the long-requested route—and assuming it makes it through community meetings—the new bus route should go from the Williamsburg Bridge (by the Marcy J stop) and snake up to the G, 7, E and M stations in Long Island City. Which sure would have been useful after Hurricane Sandy when the B62 was all the area had, but c'est la vie.

"The creation of these new routes is a work in progress," MTA spokesman Charles Seaton told DNA. "We are discussing various options with various parties, and also looking at our budget." Still, for now:

The proposed route runs from the Williamsburg Bridge along Kent Avenue to Franklin Street in Greenpoint, and then on Green Street to McGuiness Boulevard before crossing the Pulaski Bridge and running up 11th Street in Long Island City.

And to return from Queens, the bus would travel on 21st Street to Jackson Avenue and then cross the Pulaski Bridge back on McGuiness Boulevard, Freeman Street, Franklin Street and then Wythe Avenue.

Personally we wish this service would start, oh, yesterday? But definitely before those new Greenpoint towers go up.