Good news Williamburg: crime is down! In fact, you are one of the safest neighborhoods in New York City, surrounded by a shield of shiny luxury condos. But while the machete slashing may have cooled off for now, "police officers remain vigilant about incidents involving a roving homeless population." Could the Post be speaking of the gutter punks?

A deputy inspector told the paper that “It was a pretty uneventful summer" and crime complaints are down 9.57% compared to last year. Most crimes committed were home invasion, grand larceny, identity theft and purse snatching.

The aforementioned transients proved a concern at a recent community board meeting, where the deputy declared that they "don’t want to go to the shelters. They are moving on. I haven’t seen the problem for over a month ... they’re not in the 94" [th precinct]. Allegedly they've gone to the South Side of Williamsburg, so it looks like they're the 90th precinct's problem now.